Indoor plant wall for restaurant booths

Indoor plant wall for restaurant booths

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Need to add some pizzazz to a small space? Check out these clever interior design-inspired tricks. When outfitting small spaces, everything counts. With a few well-placed items and smart design choices, you can actually make a room look bigger.

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Living Room Furniture

Come visit our store in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. Potted is more than a plant store. We are your one stop shop for backyard bliss. Looking to freshen up a Patio or Balcony? Questions about Houseplant Placement? Need ideas for the Holidays? You've been stuck in your house. Your Instagram feed is covered with houseplants; seems like everyone is getting one.

So you get one plant And suddenly your house looks like a plant store. But don't freak out. Here's my house and how I got to keep my like 75 plants without my husband realizing I was actually a plant hoarder. Plants can breathe new life into your home or outdoor spaces.

While selecting the best plants is important, so is choosing the right planter. A stylish planter can add to the design of your home, patio, or garden. If you have more eclectic tastes and want pieces that will stand out, Potted has a great selection of unique planters to help you show off your style and personality. Close Thin Icon. Your cart Close Alternative Icon. Sign up for our newsletter! View all results. Person Icon Cart Icon. Close Icon. Featured Collections.

Napa Osaka Cachepot No reviews. Plantscaping Looking for a patio refresh? Don't know what houseplants will work in your home? Potted's Plantscaping Services can help. Orbit Planter 1 review. Wok Fire Pit 1 review. Bamboo Fountain - Adjustable Style. Welcome Sign. Leggy Stand - Marilyn. House Plant Invigorator No reviews. Landscape Design Services Potted is more than a plant store. Take an Inside Look at Potted. Play Video Icon. Then this event is for you. If your house was built or decorated with a contemporary style, you need contemporary landscaping to match.

Contemporary design is known for its focus on a natural, simple look, making it ideal for gardens and landscapes. Ready to turn your yard into a contemporary paradise? Here are some tips and ideas to help.

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Back to main menu. Back to Living. Sofette Sectionals. Lounge Chairs. Accent Chairs. Discover our most modular, spacious, and softest custom seating collection ever.

Restaurant Booth Wall Dividers; Wall Paneling / Panels Custom Plant Walls, Vertical Gardens, Living Walls, Green.

ZOCO HOME christmas inspiration

Home » Lifestyle » Decor » Vastu Shastra tips for the dining and living rooms. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, it is important to align man-made settings with the forces of nature, for health and success. Hence, Vastu rules are useful, for planning of rooms and the placement of furniture, to create a smooth flow of energy throughout the home. The living and dining rooms , which are places where the family gathers, have to be welcoming, comfortable and exude a positive ambiance. Thus, by applying these interesting Vastu tips, you can design a Vastu-friendly space that can help you achieve this purpose. The main entrance should be clean and have enough light. Place a figure of a Buddha giving blessings near the entrance, or a pair of elephant figures above the door, to invite prosperity.

About Inspirations Wholesale

Come visit our store in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. Potted is more than a plant store. We are your one stop shop for backyard bliss. Looking to freshen up a Patio or Balcony? Questions about Houseplant Placement?

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Vietnamese architecture studio Kientruc O has given a modernist makeover to an old house in a narrow Ho Chi Minh City alleyway, transforming it into a restaurant with a lush garden wrapped by gridded glazing. Kientruc O redesigned the square-metre building to connect the house with the garden, and garden with the street, and to provide a dining area for customers. Plant fronds press up against abstract geometric pattern of alternating frosted, clear and channelled glass panels, with branches poking through frames that have been left empty. The walls of the building that face the planted areas are glazed in a corresponding pattern, but with only clear glass panels. The gridded design provides interest for passerbys but the property remains screened by the frosted glass and leaves, while on the other side of the wall residents and customers have unimpeded views of the greenery. The abstract geometric pattern of the walls was designed according to the architect Le Corbusier's theory of the Modulor scale, a system that attempted to reconcile human proportions to architecture, and the metric system with the imperial.

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Restaurant Booth Wall Dividers; Wall Paneling / Panels Custom Plant Walls, Vertical Gardens, Living Walls, Green.

Pretty Restaurants In London

Out of every room in your home, the living room deserves the most interior design attention. Just like your kitchen or even more so , you spend hours on end there, so it needs to be outfitted for a range of activities. A comfy sofa is crucial for family movie nights, a good rug is an essential for playing with your little ones and great lighting is key for evening reading sessions. In other words, every detail counts.

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Creating a modern living room begins with the right furniture. A modern sofa, coffee tables or armchair can make or break the outcome of any room. But when you find the right sectional or modern recliner to build around, you are only some paint and accessories away from creating your perfect modern living room set. At Modern Digs we are here to help.

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Stainless steel, brass and polycarbonate are among the materials used by firms Dreamscript Lab and Un-group to create a small Chinese restaurant in New York with a futuristic atmosphere. Next up in our review of is a roundup of Dezeen's top 10 bar and restaurant interiors this year from across the globe, including a sushi eatery in a converted post office and a cavernous pizzeria. Rough clay walls, river-stone flooring and a seating topography formed from OSB panels feature in our latest lookbook , which rounds up 10 restaurant interiors that bring in natural elements.