Landscape lighting junction hub

Landscape lighting junction hub

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Ron and his team install the safest, most energy efficient and versatile outdoor lighting fixtures and equipment available. Solid brass and copper landscape lighting fixtures with a lifetime warranty are used exclusively. LEDs are energy efficient, durable and have an extended service life. The old technology of incandescent and fluorescent lights consist of filaments in glass bulbs or bulbs that contain in some cases toxic gases. LEDs consist of many tiny lenses placed on a heat conducting surface that produces light. LED light is emitted in a specific direction as opposed to fluorescent bulbs and incandescent lights which waste energy with non directional lighting.

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  • Landscape Lighting: Voltage Drop and Wiring Methods
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  • Wiring 12V Lights
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Howto make your Outdoor Landscape Lighting Smart

The most recent innovations include more efficient and robust installation products and tools. This is generating significant interest in the professional landscape lighting community. This applies to both determined do-it-yourselfers and lighting professionals. We started by using the same types of tools, connectors, and accessories common to the market. But over the years, we listened to our customers, took their suggestions to our Innovation Lab and made improvements to existing products - and invented new ones.

Among the new inventions, use of Clamp-Connects is perhaps the most significant. A cage clamp consists of a small lever that compresses a metal plate onto a wire — resulting in a much stronger connection than with other types.

The wire can be pulled extremely hard and it will not pull out or wiggle. We took an existing industrial connector with years proven success and custom-designed it to adapt to outdoor, low voltage landscape lighting applications.

With LEDs, the new weak point in systems is the wire connection not the lamp. We wanted to innovate a new type of connection that would match the longevity of LEDs. Each of these are unique inventions and result in easier, faster and more robust installations. Since they save time, professional installers also save money. This is a simple bracket with coupling accessories used to attach lighting fixtures to house gutters and rooflines. Installing lights on gutters is essential when designers need to illuminate upper stories and gables.

In the past, attaching these lights was difficult and time-consuming. Attaching lights to flagpoles has also been an installation challenge. Existing clamps and other devices have been hard to install, may damage the flagpole, and are unsightly. Still, if we can make it even easier and faster, then quality landscape lighting becomes even more accessible, less time-consuming, and less expensive.

The ultimate result is that professionals can reach more homeowners, and the artistry of landscape lighting can spread. With an aggressive product development program, the company continues to innovate, inspire, and support the outdoor lighting market. Box , Higley AZ,

Landscape Lighting: Voltage Drop and Wiring Methods

I love lighting. Outdoor lighting is no different. I think outdoor lighting adds ambiance to the home, makes it possible to enjoy the backyard, and adds a bit of security. Volt Lighting is a direct to consumer manufacturing company that makes professional grade outdoor lighting systems. This is the stuff that professionals install in high end homes. A little bit of accent lighting really transformed our outdoor space.

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All About Landscape Lighting

When it comes to wiring your lighting system there are several methods commonly used. In any situation, proper use of these techniques is imperative in order to provide the neededVoltage drop is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to wiring low-voltage systems. Before beginning any lighting project, you should predetermine which cable runs will feed which areas, the overall distance of these runs, total wattage on these runs and the gauge of the wire selected. The sequence of connecting one fixture to the other is also of utmost importance. In the hub technique, a home run is brought from the transformer to a location within a cluster of fixtures. Two or more fixtures are then connected to this home run, usually via foot lead wires on the fixtures.


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Before you choose your fixtures, you first need to decide what you want to achieve with the lighting. Frame a pathway, garden or other area?

Wiring 12V Lights

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Lutron sunnata flickering

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Run an underground electrical line into the garden to power an outdoor light or a pond pump. Here's the quickest and cheapest method for bringing power to.

The most recent innovations include more efficient and robust installation products and tools. This is generating significant interest in the professional landscape lighting community. This applies to both determined do-it-yourselfers and lighting professionals.

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VOLT is known for its premium lines of landscape lighting fixtures, transformers, tools, and accessories and has been for years. Along the way, the company says it realized its customers—professionals and DIYers alike—wanted the installation of outdoor landscape lighting to be easier and more cost effective. The company recently announced several new innovations, building upon existing tools, connectors and accessories and developing new ones. These cage clamps consist of a small lever that compresses a metal plate onto a wire, resulting in a much stronger connection than with other types of connectors.