List of indoor house plants

List of indoor house plants

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If you want to add color and flair to your home decor, then you might want to explore the different ways you can use house plants to create a stylish, welcoming room. In recent years, indoor trees and tropical house plants have been used to brighten living rooms, decorate entryways, spice up bedrooms, enrich window sills, furnish offices, and adorn kitchens. Low-light plants are a popular choice because they are low-maintenance and can grow well anywhere, but some people prefer fast-growing options to fill a space. From beautiful indoor tropical plants with colorful flowers and big leaves to large potted trees you can grow inside, there are many types of plants that can thrive indoors when cared for properly with the right amount of sunlight and water.

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Most Popular Houseplants

Are you interested in adding greenery to your home? Wondering which indoor plants are easiest to grow in the Indian climate? Well, we present to you our our list of top 41 low maintenance indoor plants best suited for the Indian climate. These indoor plants are easy to tend to , brighten up your interiors and in the bargain, purify all that stale air and poisonous gases leaving you as fresh as a dewy daisy every day! Snake plant requires minimal care and to top it all, has superior air purification qualities.

It removes four out of five toxins and is counted among one of the few plants that also remove carbon dioxide at night. In other words, it continues to clean the air in your house, even as you catch up on beauty sleep at night!

Light : Flourishes both under bright and low sunlight. Soil: Can survive dry, poor soil conditions. Water: Take care not to over water as their roots are prone to rotting. In winter, water it only once in several months.

Buy Snake plants online. All of us crave to live a life filled with peace and contentment. Peace Lilly is an indoor plant that has become universally aligned with these aspirations. Bring it home today and let the elegant dark green leaves soothe your soul and the huge, fragrant flowers calm you down at the end of another stressful day! Plus, let the plant help you beat those allergies whilst it cleanses the air at your home of contaminants such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Buy Peace lilly plant now from our online nursery. Light : Lives best in shade; requires little sunlight. Soil: Best left moist, needs watering if it goes dry. Water: Needs to be Watered only once a week. There are good reasons for this. Aloe is a stemless succulent plant with thick and fleshy leaves with serrated margins.

While it grows wild in several tropical climates, it also grows indoor successfully as a potted plant. It is relatively resistant to most insect pests. Light : The plant requires bright, sunny conditions to grow well. Soil: Aloe requires well-drained sandy potting soil to grow well. Water: You need to bear in mind that since Aloe is a succulent plant like cacti, it does best under dry conditions.

Aloe vera plants cannot tolerate standing water. E nsure that the pot is completely dry before you re-water. Order Aloe Vera Plant Online. The plant grows upto feet in height and comes highly recommended by Feng Shui practitioners as well; in Chinese, Lucky Bamboo is known as Fu Gwey Zhu. Fu signifying luck and fortune , Gwey drawing power and honor, and Zhu denoting Bamboo. According to Feng Shui, the positive effect of the Lucky Bamboo differs with the number of stalks tied together with each stalk representing different levels of prosperity and gains.

Need we say any more? Lucky Bamboo r equires a moderate level of care. One of the critical things you would need to bear in mind, is that Lucky bamboo plants need to be placed clean water all the time.

Since the plant is susceptible to chemicals ; any traces of chlorine or fluoride in the water will end up affecting the leaves and turning them yellow or brown. Light : As it cannot grow under direct sunlight, place it by a window for the plant to receive indirect sunlight. Soil: Use well drained, rich potting soil.

Water: Water should be changed once in every 2 weeks. Also remember, the plant needs to stay moist but not soaking at all times. Buy Lucky Bamboo Plant. Ferns are counted among one of the oldest species of plants on earth , dating back to prehistoric times.

Ferns belong to a group of vascular seeds, that bear neither flowers nor seeds. With a lush green canopy of leaves , they provide your house with an ornamental value. In addition, they also remove chemical pollutants from the atmosphere and heavy metals especially arsenic, from the soil. You would need to grow them in plastic pots instead of clay ones as they retain moisture better.

Keep the plant away from vents and fans to prevent it from drying out. Add well loosened moss around the base of the plant to hold moisture in the dirt and prune them once in a while as well. Light: As it flourishes in low light conditions, place the plant under a north or east facing window.

Soil: Needs to be moist and well drained. Pick a soil mix with a high organic content like a good peat moss mix. Water: Water regularly, but watch for the warning signs; too much watering leaves the fronds yellow; too little and the fronds end up wilting. Chinese evergreens are popular houseplants across Asia and for good reason too. Not only do they bring prosperity into the house but these perennial herbs are counted among the most durable houseplants you can ever grow.

They tolerate poor light, dry air and drought very well. In other words, even if you travel around a lot or forget to water the plant or even if you live in not-so-sunny-places, the plant holds no grudges and continues to thrive! The only demand the plant makes from you is to protect it from extreme cold and excessive sunlight since it can tolerate neither. Also prune any inflorescence immediately to prolong the life of the plant and keep a watch out for pests as well.

Light: Low to medium light. Soil: Needs to be evenly moist. Add only a small amount of fertilizer as the plants are easily injured when over supplemented. Water: Since Chinese Evergreens need the soil to be evenly moist, you could opt for moderate watering. Allow the soil to dry out a bit in between the intervals. Buy Chinese Evergreen plant. Have a bare wall either vertically or horizontally that needs covering?

Light: Grape ivy grows well in low lights and thrives in temperatures ranging from F. Soil: You would need to bear in mind that, since the roots require excellent aeration, a potting mixture of peat, bark, perlite, water, styrofoam and calcined clay will aid water retention and allow for excellent drainage.

Then Anthuriums are your answer. The leaves of this plant are clustered in shape and the inflorescence bears small flowers which come in several colors. The flowers are collected in a dense spiral on the spadix. You could also go for a climbing Anthurium to cover up a bare wall, in such a case be sure to provide the plant with a sturdy totem pole to help it climb easily.

Remember to wipe the leaves with water every once in a while to remove dust and other insects. Also those plants growing in pots with good root systems will benefit from a weak fertiliser solution every other week.

Light: This plants require lower sunlight than other houseplants and thrives in temperatures between 16 degrees Centigrade. Soil: Moist soil with high organic matter. Water: It all depends on where you live. If you live in hot and dry climates, make sure to mist the plant everyday and water every couple of days. On the other hand, if you live in humid environments, you could easily go for a week or two without watering. Buy Anthurium Plant Online. Instead of simply adding another piece of furniture to cover that empty corner by the wall, why not go for this exotic-looking plant that can grow anywhere between 3 feet- 8 feet in height?

You would need to follow a few simple tips to care for the plant. Make sure you neither under water or over water it and that there are no bursts of dry air. Light: Since palms thrive in low- light conditions ,make sure to place the plant under a window or in partial shade. Soil: You would need to go for a rich, acidic soil that drains well. Water: Ensure that the plant does not sit water as root rot sets in easily.

Also ensure that the water is chemical free else the leaves will develop freckle like spots. But since they do not, why not go for a plant where you can stretch your imagination a bit and visualize that the round, plump, flat leaves actually look like coins! Of course, the commonly held belief that while the plant thrives in your house, you will run neither short of money or friends definitely argues in its favor as well! Place the plant away from drafts of wind since it can lead to leaf loss.

Since it thrives in humidity, you could consider placing it in a bright, steamy bathroom. Light: Try to avoid direct sunlight, since the leaves can get scorched. Instead go for low light. Soil: Since root rot sets in easily, ensure that you pick a sandy, peat moss based soil that also allows for good drainage of water. Buy Money Plant Online. The plant has a huge value attached to it because it successfully weathers every kind of condition well : low light, bright light, and even neglect!

A very low maintenance plant. However you would need to ensure that it is placed in a location which attracts low footfall, since the foliage can get damaged easily. Light: Grows well in bright, filtered light but keeping it in the morning sun once in a while will keep it looking good.

100 Low Maintenance Indoor Plant Names with Pictures

Plants have a strong positive impact on the well-being of humans. They provide the oxygen we breathe and they have a psychological effect that makes us become calmer and more relaxed. Admit it or not, we appreciate plants one way or another and since we spend most of our time indoors, bringing plants into our home and offices helps us have a closer connection with nature. House plants not only bring us closer to nature, but they also make our homes more attractive and relaxing. Aside from this, plants obviously turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and they purify the air we breathe as well.

Shop the best indoor plants online that are easy to care for and best at purifying most of the options on this list are for you, too.

Tropicals & House Plants – C

Have you been afraid to try growing houseplants in your home, or a particular room, because you think you don't have enough light? Fear not! These 30 plants thrive in low-light conditions and are also easy to grow. If you are not sure what kind of light you have, consider this: A south-facing room with lots of windows has high light. Medium light would be in an east- or west-facing room. North-facing rooms or rooms with no windows are considered low-light rooms. If your room has no windows, you should leave lights on 12 hours a day or rotate low-light plants into the room for a few weeks at a time before moving them back to a naturally lit room.

21 Small Plants That'll Definitely Fit In Your Teeny Apartment

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Are you looking to add a little Zen to your home or office? The right houseplant acts as a beautiful decoration helping to purify the air and can even de-stress the immediate area.

Liven up your home with these winter-hardy houseplants. In many areas, winter months lend themselves to cold, snowy weather, and consequently warm, toasty homes.

20 Super-Easy Houseplants You'll Love

Make space in your home for indoor plants. You'll feel better for it. Not only are they beautiful but caring for them helps us slow down and treasure the here and now. We have a wide range to choose from, including succulents, cacti and other tropical plants. Any space can become your new favourite spot by adding some blooming flowers.

7 best low-maintenance indoor plants, according to experts

These house plant and flower pictures are for identification purposes. Indoor house plants pictures with names for identification. Each indoor houseplant picture is linked to a page with how to care for the indoor plant. Pictures of indoor house plants are in no particular order so scroll through and see if you can find your indoor house plant. I have worked in the interior landscape industry for more than 30 years so I have taken care of most of the indoor house plants that you would find in the average home. We use plants that can be maintained in office environments and are the easiest to keep looking good over a long period of time. If you see a plant that looks similar to your indoor house plant but varies a little in size, color or some other way, you should click through the link as many indoor house plant types have variations in color, variegation etc. Care for those house plants should be much the same.

The most common philodendron plants produce long vines or stems adorned with thick, waxy, dark green leaves. Plant these fast-growers indoors.

No design element makes a statement in your home quite like a tall, lush potted plant. Tall indoor floor plants can serve as the focal point for a room, add a pop of verdant color , and lend a tropical, jungle-like vibe to a space. Read on for 18 of our favorite tall indoor floor plants that can grow to great heights in your home.

Before we get started, let's address an uncomfortable truth: there is no such thing as an indoor plant. The combination of dry, still air, irregular watering and limited light isn't something any plants are naturally suited to. Simply put, they all prefer to live outdoors. But some tough plants are more tolerant of these unnatural conditions and make a great choice for beginners, those who are forgetful, or to boost the confidence of "black thumbs".

House plants, or indoor plants, provide interest, beauty and clean air in the home.

Much of the scenic beauty of nature has been replaced by densely populated areas that sprawl for miles from urban centers. This visual pollution affects us all and leaves us with a longing for a closer connection with nature. We spend about 90 percent of our time indoors. Interior plants are an ideal way to create attractive and restful settings while enhancing our sense of well being. In addition, houseplants can be a satisfying hobby and can help purify the air in our homes. Indoor plants not only convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, but they also trap and absorb many pollutants. To be a successful indoor gardener, you need to understand how the interior environment affects plant growth and how cultivation differs from growing plants outdoors.

Even those without a green thumb can appreciate the beauty of houseplants — if you're one of those people, this post is for you! We've compiled information on 32 low-maintenance plants ranging from tiny succulents all the way to small trees, something for every skill level. This outdoorsy touch is a great way to boost mood, add color to your interior, and build up gardening skill.